David Ferrando Giraut


Untitled + Ruin Builder 2008

"Vinyl is something which is inextricably tied into popular culture, the vessel which holds the temporary cultural manifestation that is music; in other words a vessel which contains time itself. On a purely technological level its time has been and gone, records are now obsolete. When you enter a second-hand record shop you can’t help but notice the sensation of nostalgia with an element of science fiction to it, faced with the accumulation of technological objects which have become suspended in time, like fragments of a ruin that speaks to us from another era – which in fact actually contains these eras.

I’m very interested in audio-visual product – and here I’m not talking about an object per se but about what it contains: the image, sound, a certain ambience or narrative – which has become somehow suspended in time, obsolete, yet is still in our midst, and, above all, in our memory. For me, vinyl is a material metaphor of physical correspondence with a more abstract idea."

(Excerpt of an interview to David Ferrando Giraut by Manuel Segade, during the exhibition Situación. CGAC, June 2008)








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Ruin Builder
Voice recording on 12-inch vynil. 1’32’’


12 found LP records