David Ferrando Giraut


Road Movie - Perpetuum Mobile 2008

Based on research in second-hand record shops, David Ferrando Giraut finds a recurrent topic: the decadent images on sleeves showing the ruins of buildings and damaged cars. The obsolescence of vinyl becomes a model for a plot for a film allegory: returning to his usual B-movie imagery, makes a continuous film in a 360º sequence shot about an accident in a natural landscape in Negreira, with an original sound track by Nigel Yang. An accident is logically somewhat instantaneous; here time has stopped in a melancholic continuum which joins romantic poetry to the skilful dimension of the cinema. An image constructed in movement which comes back to itself time and again in a continuous litany about the ruin of representation.

Manuel Segade


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Road Movie (Perpetuum Mobile)
Digital Betacam, 16:9, colour, sound,
49’09’’ in loop (Excerpt, 9’13’’)
Original soundtrack by Nigel Yang


Storyboard I
3 found LP records in vitrine










Storyboard II
3 found LP records in vitrine