David Ferrando Giraut


Meteorite Fall 2007

Meteorite Fall has its starting point in a fragment of the film Stalker (Andrei Tarkovsky, 1979), in which a mysterious event – what seems to be a meteorite fall – is told. The narration of this event in the movie, or better, the gaps in this narration, work as generator of an action, whose videographic documentation becomes a kind of appendix of the film. This appendix shows the mechanism through which the fiction is created: a digger builds the hole that will be taken as a meteorite crater. At the same time that this non-fictional process occurs, aimed to unmask the fiction, another one of an opposite nature takes place: the location in which the hole is built (a field in a Spanish village) becomes the scene of an extraordinary event, turning ultimately in the site of a meteorite fall; as the territory is dug, the digger takes away its real condition, turning it into a fictional scenery.







Poster Image




Meteorite Fall
Synchronized two-channell projection
in loop on wood structure.
HDV and movie excerpt transferred
to DVD. 16:9 and 4:3, colour, sound,









Untitled (Presumably a Meteorite Fell
Down Here About Twenty Years Ago...)

Photography with reverse perspex and
white wood frame
140 X 122 cm.








Untitled (Finally It Was Concluded That This Meteorite Was Not Really a Meteorite...)
Photography with reverse perspex and
white wood frame
140 X 122 cm.